Mclaren 720S

A special post for all lovers of visual celebration! Today we have a Mclaren 720S on our 20/21 kit, which is fraught with many amazing nuances! To begin with, the parameters of the supercar are so specific that it is almost impossible to just take and make discs that will stand beautifully on the arch! Finding blanks with the right dimensions is a task for an international detective company. As you can see, the concave on the rear discs confirms this! Measurements tell us about 108 mm, and these are indicators that only a few in the industry can boast of, there are no options here. It is clear that no one was going to stop at this, so our premium central nuts in the color of the body with forged carbon went into action.

Car: Mclaren 720S
Style: Individual
Size: 20"/21"

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